Sandboarding is a great sport combining many of the skills and thrills of Surfing, Snowboarding and Skateboarding. Taghazout Skatepark Association provides you with our high quality hardwood deck sandboards, specifically designed for riding down or across the face of a sand dune. We will then bring you to the beautiful coast of Timlaline dunes to experience a unique sandboarding experience and then round off your day with an exquisite sunset.

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Learn how to skateboard and grasp the basics of pushing, turning and learning tricks with Taghazout Skatepark Association. Skateboard classes are held at the main skatepark in Taghazout. You can book group lessons, individual tuition or specific lessons types (girls only lessons, adult lessons, under 8’s and much more).

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At the Taghazout Skatepark Association, we only work with local instructors who we know well and who have knowledge of all our sports classes and offerings. The skatepark itself is within easy reach of all the very best surfing spots and we have all the equipment and support that you need, whether you are a beginner or experienced surfer.

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With Taghazout being a world-renowned surf spot, it is the ideal place to refine your technique. Surf skating is an art that perfects a surfer’s movement on land. At the Taghazout Skatepark Association, all our equipment is from world-leading surf brand YOW, and our lessons are specially designed to help you master the fundamentals and find your flow as a surfer. You can book group lessons, individual tuition or specific lesson types (adults, kids, families)

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