Frequently Asked Questions

How can I help the community?

You can buy our merchandise such as t shirts, hoodies and stickers. Besides, we are always in need for boards, protection and skate shoes in different sizes. The local community is supported by the skatepark. All the revenue goes to helping the local kids to skate. They can always come here and get to use a skateboard and protection for free. They get free skate lessons from the best teachers and a Taghazout Skatepark t shirt. It is also possible to donate if you are not in the state to come by yourself.

Can I host an event?

We always welcome creative ideas. Send us an email to If you want to come play music you can ask some days before trough Instagram or Mail and we set it up! We have a big speaker here and we can fix the electricity.

Where is the skatepark located and how can I get there?

It is located up the hill right above Taghazout center. You can either take a little hike up the hill from the center of Taghazout (11 minutes) or take a taxi or car to the mainroad on the hill. The skatepark has an amazing panoramic view over the whole sea and Agadir area of Morocco.

When is the skatepark built?

The skatepark is built in 2017 by a team of volunteers together with makelifeskatelife. The construction was sponsored by Levi’s Skateboarding. In this video you can see how the plan came to reality.

Is it possible to rent skategear at the skatepark?

Yes! We are open from 9am to 9pm for rental of skateboards, surfskates, protection gear and skate tools.

I never skated before, can I get a lesson?

Absolutely! Drop us an email, and our skilled instructors will make sure you feel at ease on your skateboard after just one lesson. We cater to all levels, so whether you’re a beginner or advanced, we got you!